Oral Hygiene

The cornerstone of good dental health

Maintaining healthy gums

The key to success in dentistry

When we consider our teeth it’s easy to become carried away by all the treatment options available to enhance the appearance of your smile and improve the function of your dentition. You can soon overlook the need to maintain the support tissues for your teeth and their associated anatomical structures. Unfortunately, that would be the same as buying a beautiful home built on poor foundations. Remember, if it’s in your mouth it needs cleaning.

What’s in it for you ?

All the treatment options detailed on this website have at their heart excellent oral hygiene. Without this, the solutions for all your teeth have a poorer prognosis. A healthy mouth with healthy gums feels better, works better, and importantly looks better.

Looking after your gums helps maintain your general health. Indeed, many systemic conditions have oral signs and symptoms we can spot.

Never forget up to 90% of cases of bad breath related to poor oral hygiene !!

What options do you have?

Many patients visit us for help and advice with regards to their gum health and need nothing more than a general clean and information relating to the wide range of dental cleaning aids available for good home care. For those patients that require more in-depth treatment due to significant gingival and periodontal problems we have a team of experienced dental therapists in-house and also a network of referral partners, we can access when required.

Much of this work is available to all our NHS patients. Regular hygiene visits form part of Denplan care or patients can choose to pay for individual appointments. We are always happy to discuss how best we can meet your needs.

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