Composite bonding, or dental artistry?

Let your teeth give you a confidence boost! 

Restore your smile in a single visit.

Reshaping your teeth and smile

In the past, the only way to improve your smile was through lengthy orthodontic procedures using fixed or removable braces or irreversibly altering teeth to place crowns and veneers made from porcelain. But in recent years as Mrs. Doubtfire so eloquently put it ‘Help is on the way!’

What is composite bonding?

This process works by building up your healthy tooth structure with a highly resilient naturally shaded composite material bonded to your teeth to repair and replace chips, cracks, and flaws.

This also allows for recontouring, reshaping, and shade lightening all generally completed in a single appointment.

As the patient, you are completely immersed in the treatment plan allowing you and the dentist to create a smile built to your requirements.

Smile changing and life changing

Our smile goes a long way towards showcasing who we are. For some composite bonding offers a means of improving the appearance of your teeth without causing significant damage to the protective enamel.

For others it can be life-changing, enhancing our confidence levels and making a sustainable difference to how we look.

Composite bonding can help you achieve a smile you’re happier with.

Composite Bonding is dental artistry!