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Smile makeovers

An investment in your teeth is an investment in your future . Why not consider making a life affirming change today. Improving your teeth and smile can boost your confidence and your wellbeing. We may not be able to provide the elixir of youth but its not a bad start.

Smile Enhancing

Here at Stable Court we pride ourselves in our ability to listen and work with our patients to provide solutions that work for them. We are all individuals and our smile should promote that. Enhancing someone’s smile is as good as it gets for us.

For many, the changes will be minor but for some those teeth that have been hidden from view for many years can suddenly take centre stage !

The very nature of cosmetic dentistry is that we tend to think of some sort of ideal solution that will work for everyone. We understand the need to provide aesthetic dentistry, enhancing what you already have and providing a solution that creates a winning smile .

After all, there is no point in having stunning pearly whites if your teeth are unable to function properly and eating becomes a chore, not a pleasure.

What we do

Smile makeovers generally involve a multi-disciplinary approach

Depending on your specific needs this can range from simple stain removal to complex dental implant work.

You may require Invisalign [ short course orthodontics ], repairing crooked or fractured teeth, composite fillings, veneers, single or multi-tooth crown, and bridgework, intensive oral hygiene and gum care, tooth whitening, or perhaps everything just need a bit of TLC.

This is just a flavour of what we can offer and remember not everyone needs a full makeover. Often, you may just need a single replacement crown or a better denture.

Let us help you discover what a truly beautiful smile can look like with a Smile Makeover 

Helping to create a generation of smiles!