Stain Removal

Going back to your youth

Single visit tooth brightening

Peeling back the layers of time to showcase your teeth

As with many things in life simple is often best. Straightforward stain removal may be all you need . Remember , if you want your smile to leave a mark best to remove any stain first!

Why remove stains?

When questioned around 50% of the population state that they are unhappy with their teeth. Of these, over 60% cite discolouration as their main issue. Patients often rush towards bleaching and bypass the benefits of removing the marks and blemishes that attach to teeth over time.

Many of the problems of discolouration are due to surface stains. Historically this often related directly to smoking but increasingly we see it caused by red wine, tea , coffee and certain foods.

Stain removal can be a simple and cost effective way of helping create a life affirming smile.

What can we do?

In many instances, a routine clean in surgery with dental instruments and an ultrasonic scaler is all that is required. Increasingly though we turn to ‘Air-flow’ to produce a far better result. ‘Air-flow’ is a combination of water, air and fine powder sprayed onto the teeth via a specially adapted dental handpiece.

It works like a very gentle sandblaster giving an instant improvement whilst leaving your enamel undamaged. The teeth appear more youthful and bright. When you look in the mirror the results speak for themselves .

Brighten or whiten ? Why not arrange an appointment to discuss your options.