50 Shades of White

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Tooth whitening

Rolling back the years for that youthful appearance

Dental bleaching is one of the many ways you can enhance your smile. Completed by our caring professionals  with minimal intervention so your teeth will love you for it too.

What is tooth bleaching?

For many years we have been able to lighten teeth using bleach in a controlled way to improve their shade. Patients can choose between in-surgery whitening which is completed in a single visit or use a dentist provided home whitening kit utilising bleaching trays made specifically for you.

Many patients elect to have a combination of both to enhance the final result.
Tooth whitening is only carried out by our qualified and regulated dental professionals.

You should always visit the practice to discuss this procedure with either one of our dentists or dental therapists.

Why choose us for whitening?

You only have to open a magazine or switch on the TV to be bombarded with adverts for tooth whitening kits. Buying something from a website may seem a good idea but generally, if something looks too good to be true it probably is.

The vast majority of patients need an individualised approach to lightening their teeth. You should have an initial examination to check all your teeth are healthy and suitable for bleaching.

The process can only whiten natural teeth so patients with fillings, crowns, and bridges, etc. need to consider whether these will need replacing as well.

Visiting us will help you achieve your ideal smile