Much more than a dental MOT

Let us give you dental confidence

Improving dental health to boost your general health

Many people think of their teeth in isolation but realistically they are an integral part of our well-being. It can be surprising the number of systemic health issues that are first spotted in the mouth, so don’t delay – book your visit to come and see us at Stable Court.

Regular examinations

Visiting the dentist is a matter of routine for many, a source of anxiety for some but most would agree on an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Realistically it is so much more than that.

It is a chance for you to discuss any concerns or interests you may have in future treatments. It allows us to check not only your teeth but all the supporting structures of your mouth. We routinely screen for any decay, gum problems, tooth wear, and importantly oral cancer

We can also advise and help you promote your own oral health.
We care for the patient, not just the tooth!

How often should I come?

This question is asked by many of our patients and frankly the answer is that it depends…

As a practice, we work to NICE { national institute for health and care excellence ) guidelines which take into account various risk factors. But perhaps most importantly it relates to a conversation between you and your dentist to produce a regime that will optimise your oral health.

You are the patient and at the centre of everything we do. Our job is to listen to you and become an advocate for your dental needs.

We have the experience of examining thousands of patients each year providing NHS, private and Denplan care but we realise that for you it’s personal.

Maintaining your oral health for a lifetime.