Facial aesthetics

Helping to sculpt your smile

Smoothing out the years

If your teeth are having a younger , fresher look why not do the same for your skin.

For our practices introducing facial aesthetics was a logical idea. We routinely provide a professional service for your teeth so visit us to take that next step. Why not showcase your smile framed by beautiful lips.

What is facial aesthetics?

While we can’t profess to have found the secret to eternal youth we are certainly working on keeping you looking more youthful. Step forward facial rejuvenation, a series of non-surgical procedures designed to smooth and soften the effects of natural ageing . This process is about maintaining and celebrating our diversity just giving nature a helping hand to roll back the years. Wouldn’t it be nice to look in the mirror and see a younger you smiling back?

What we offer

We are able to provide an ever-increasing range of contemporary facial aesthetic procedures. We would always prefer to talk directly to our patients so rather than simply leave you with an extended list of what we can offer we would much prefer you join us for a personalised consultation.

As dentists and dental therapists, we routinely work in a clinical setting. We understand and value the need for professional standards and practice excellent cross-infection control.

We are a profession with a skill set that allows us to work in a very controlled way both inside and outside the mouth having a deep understanding of injection techniques. It is a natural extension of what we do on a daily basis.

We do more than teeth !